Victorian Ash

> Sawn Victorian Ash – Joinery Grade

Vic Ash or Victorian Ash is not a species. It is the trade name for a mixture of two similar species; Mountain Ash and Alpine Ash from Victoria.

Origin: Sourced from renewable plantation grown eucalypts.

Appearance: Light pink to blonde with a range of characteristics. A range of different finishes can be used to bring out the unique appeal of a Victorian Ash floor.

Victorian Ash is sought after for appearance grade applications such as flooring, studs, bearers, joists, trusses, furniture, staircases, mouldings, window frames and doors.

It ranges in colour from a highly attractive pale blonde through to nutty brown tones. Natural features, such as gum vein, add decorative appeal to this species, telling the tale of the tree’s previous life in the natural elements.

With a grain that is straight, open and even with a uniform texture, Victorian Ash is easy to work, with a good propensity for steam bending and laminating.